The Canadian Podcast Awards

February 24th
6PM Pacific Junction Hotel

I Can Go the Distance – Going From Studio to Remote

3:00 pm
Room 361
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What happens when your podcast team moves away? For years, CGMagazine’s Pixels & Ink Podcast was recorded in-house, but, as tends to happen in life, things changed and members became more remote. Join us on our journey as the P&I team talk through some of the challenges we faced and how we managed to overcome them. We’ll talk about some of the tools we use and strategies we employ to keep the podcast conversation going. Audience members will also get to sit in on a very special episode of a live recording of the Pixels & Ink Podcast, complete with remote cast members.

The Pixels and Ink Podcast is your link to the world of Comics and Video Games all from an indie Perspective. Every Friday hear the crew of CGMagazine as they talk about the news, Movies, the latest games, and random things that interest them.

CGMagazine is a print and online publication that focuses specifically on providing the mature audience for comics and videogames with passionate, professional insight about their favourite media.

Key Take Aways

  • The most effective software to use for remote casting.
  • Organizational tools to help you keep your precious time focused.
  • The essential hardware that makes it all possible.
  • What to do when it all fails: how to build a contingency plan.
  • How to record off-site: recording without a studio.
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