The Canadian Podcast Awards

February 24th
6PM Pacific Junction Hotel

Future Digital Media with Artificial Intelligence

10:00 am
Room 183
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Artificial Intelligence has become an essential part in our day-to-day life, and with the advancements in this field and how close we got to the Artificial Consciousness it’s getting into all types of digital media and even the film and TV industry. Machines now can author novels, create art, generate videos, act as news anchors, write fiction, compose music and the skies are the limit.

Where is AI taking us to future with digital media? Will there become a day that it will totally replace us? What is Digital Creativity and how close it is to our human creativity? How can we deal with a future where all these scary factors are approaching fast?

All these topics and more will be the core of the subject of the speech. It’s a conversation long due now and we should initiate it now before it’s too late. My experience in both Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence alongside with my recent research about Artificial Consciousness makes me qualified to carry such a tough conversation and bring it to light. I always say: Machines are NOT coming,they’re already here.

Key Take Aways

  • Artificial Intelligence in media: Past, Present and Future
  • How is Artificial Intelligence competing humans in the digital media field with Artificial Creativity
  • Current media and creativity projects that run AI and how humans are involved in it
  • How is Artificial Consciousness affecting our creativity and advancing Digital Creativity
  • How can humans stay relevant in the age of Artificial Creativity
Intermediate Podcasting & Digital Media Session

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