The Canadian Podcast Awards

February 24th
6PM Pacific Junction Hotel

Amplifying Women’s Voices with FemRadio

12:00 pm
Room 361
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Join the hosts of FemRadio for an open discussion on making space for women and BIPOC women-identified people in radio and podcasting.

Topics we will be covering include:
How can we avoid tokenization?
How can we amplify women’s voices in our work?
How can we incorporate an anti-oppressive framework into our spaces and projects?
How can we do better?

FemRadio is a Toronto-based community radio collective and mentorship program for women-identified and gender-nonconforming folks who want to learn about making radio. They aim to help people gain confidence on the mic and in production.

Emily Joveski is a Ryerson Journalism grad with more than a decade’s experience working in community radio. She now works as a Studio Editor at the Canadian Press, and is the News Director for CJRU 1280AM. She’s the co-founder and coordinator of CJRU’s FemRadio Collective.

Lidia Abraha is a budding journalist, part-time astrologer and music junkie. As a first-generation Canadian-American black woman, she’s usually awake at 3 AM wondering about the racial disparity in today’s society, how to battle hair shrinkage and so much more.

Chrisoula Papadopouls is a counsellor, author, and the founder of Rosilocks Cartel, a community organization that hosts events inviting girls to learn the value of self-love, empower their sense of belonging, and develop emotional resilience.

Key Take Aways

  • Tokenism vs Inclusion
  • Creating safe spaces with an anti-oppressive framework
  • How to support BIPOC artists in your projects
  • How community radio can be a powerful tool for women
  • How to balance radio/podcast coverage to represent our communities
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